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The challenges faced by preschool children in Greene County are staggering. The high child abuse and neglect rates, child poverty, inconsistent pre-kindergarten investment, and lack of school readiness put our children at risk of dropping out, placing a burden on our communities already scrambling to provide resources and assistance for the jobless and homeless. ” When we fail to invest in the early years of our children’s lives, the costs are spread throughout the rest of the community, with effects including a lack of education, a deprived talent pipeline, negative impact on economic development, a lower tax base, and poorer health outcomes.” Community Focus 2015: A report for Springfield & Greene County.  The 2015 Focus Report gave the Springfield-Greene County Library District a “blue ribbon” for developing strong relationships with community agencies by training staff to understand the importance of early literacy and how to weave it into their work with parents to benefit children.


All smiles about her first library card!

Early literacy is what children know about reading and writing before they learn how to read and write. Reading, talking, singing and playing with children from birth make learning to read easier! The Annie Busch Fund for Early Literacy supports Springfield-Greene County Library Districts’ early literacy programs at 10 library branches and dozens of outreach sites throughout Springfield and Greene County.  Early literacy programs take place almost every day within the Library District. The Library District’s award-winning Racing to Read programs are designed for babies, toddlers and preschoolers, encouraging learning and reading through directed play, singing and story-times.

Your donation of any amount is appreciated. Here’s how your donation will help:

  • $10 – provides 4 baby or preschool books
  • $25 – purchases an educational toy and learning prompts for parents to use with their children
  • $100 – provides a bi-lingual translator for story-times
  • $250 – affords a large construction toy for use by multiple children, promote cognitive development and social skills
  • $500 – helps us develop and provide printed educational materials and books for families
  • $1,000 – provides a year of supplies for early literacy outreach programs, serving at-risk families
  • $2,500 – a years’ supply of books for Parent Educators in Greene County
  • $5,000 – would allow us to expand the Racing to Read program to non-English speaking families

Please consider making a donation today.

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