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Nothing sexy about HVAC, until you need it!

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015

BWD boiler photo

Can you guess what is the least-sexy thing about a building renovation?

“HVAC.”  Heating and air conditioning. “Electrical” isn’t all that titillating, either.

And yet, it’s oh-so-important when it comes to the Brentwood Branch renovation. Consider: The library is still making do with the original, 1971 boiler, and it grows more cantankerous every season. The Library District invests money every year to keep it functioning, but come winter it’s not unusual to see Brentwood staff wearing gloves as they go about their daily tasks. Summer can be sauna-like – or not; one never knows. That’s why the Brentwood staff is so excited about something you’ll probably never see after the renovation, but you’re sure to enjoy it. ReNew Brentwood promises a new mechanical system that will keep you cozy in the winter, comfortable in the summer and offer at least a 30 percent energy efficiency rating.  In a renovation like Brentwood’s, it’s one of the most expensive line items, least seen, and most appreciated.  If you want to know more about what’s ahead for the Brentwood Branch, call or email Foundation Director Valerie Richardson at 616-0586 or valerier@thelibraryfoundation. You can also visit our ReNew Brentwood page for more information.

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